© Text and images on this website are copyright Paul Orton unless otherwise indicated   Responding to the mundane trials of working life the day had come to knock on the door of opportunity and aspire to a dream. That's right, to restore a Mk1 MG Midget! England, this Mk1 MG Midget's place of birth, was a land far from her great voyage’s destination across the ocean to Malaysia, where her body endured the test of time.  Eventually, Prudence ended up in Australia, used by her owners for everyday motoring until they stored her body, in poor condition, as she waited for a perfect opportunity to come her way. See this painting of a Mk1 MG Midget. Go here for the history of the MG Midget Mk1. I was that perfect opportunity, finding Prudence hidden from the world, tucked away in an aircraft hanger at `HMAS Albatross', Nowra, NSW. I had a vision of her potential and the thrill of the purchase inspired my personal quest for perfection, restoring Prudence to her former glory as the first of the modern Midgets. As the discovery was made, I felt a passion and from that point my `romantic' affair with Prudence had begun. I remember the day my friend Graham and I travelled to Nowra to collect Prudence.  We kicked the 948cc BMC A series motor over clearing the cobwebs from her pipes and the sound of her running motor was music to our ears, but little did I know how long it would be before my 'mistress' would be roadworthy. We arrived home with Prudence on a trailer and to everyone's amazement - I guess it wasn't the piece of machinery they had envisaged.  The look of disappointment on Lorinna's face said it all and it was plain to see our children, Jason, Daniel and Hayley had expected a little white Mk1 MG Midget sports car ready for motoring along country roads.  Their expectations dissolved before their eyes - Prudence was indeed a wreck. There were many questions asked by friends and neighbours, curious to know how long it would take, when I would start and where the work would take place. At the time I must admit I didn't have a set plan, but I do know Graham trusted and supported me in every way.  Lorinna didn't comment at the time but she knew exactly what kind of man she married……..I was a `love me, love my cars' man determined and on a mission with a new project. So, as these stories inevitably go, the marathon began with the painful job of dismantling every body part until the car no longer resembled a car.  I restored, catalogued and stored each part in plastic bags ready for the mammoth task of reconstruction. As years passed I worked tirelessly from my garage and Graham's workshop where the shell of the body sat on a handmade jig. I watched my daughter, Hayley, grow from my youngest child into a young lady and as she did, I grew from a young man into a much older one. Lorinna could see progress from time to time but soon realised it wasn't going to be a quick fix or patch up project. Things were going to be done the right way in the first place.  Her efforts to move progress along gave me a time frame setting a goal for completion in the year `2000' Sprite Club Concours Competition. In the year 2000 I remember my commitments to work saw me leaving Sydney for Melbourne every Monday, returning home Friday nights but in the week leading up to the Concours I decided to return home Thursday night in a final attempt to finish Prudence for her debut. I worked from Thursday night through till Sunday morning assisted by Graham and Greg Holden, President of the Sprite Car Club of Australia  who felt the angst of the family as the tension built for the big day.  Lorinna even entered the cave (garage), that day just to see Prudence taking shape and to sustain us with tea and coffee. Prudence kept my 'idle' hands busy for nine years before she made her first appearance in the Sprite Car Club of Australia's Concours of 2000, winning class and overall sections.  In the four years to follow many hiccups were ironed out to see her mechanically fine tuned into the vehicle she is today.  In my quest for originality and attention to detail the car has continued to win many competitions but the real reward in owning this car is the pleasure it brings to Lorinna and me when joining our friends on club runs. I would like to thank Lorinna for her patience, my children, Jason, Daniel and Hayley who supported me the day my dream came true, to Graham Hatley for his tireless mechanical support over the years and finally to Greg Holden for his valued set of hands when the going got `tuff' in the end. The vision was my DREAM, my intention was to do what I love to do with PASSION and the JOY was in the reality of it all - making it happen. Neil Scott Extracted from the October 2006 edition of Sprite Torque, the magazine of the Sprite Car Club of Australia   Dear Prudence, won't you come out to play Prudence, the Mk1 MG Midget Neil Scott, fellow Sprite Car Club member, on the restoration of his Mk 1 Midget, the first version of the modern Midget Sills and floorpan replaced As found Primer underway Fitting up Prudence under power Just about there Concours at Gladesville