© Text and images on this website are copyright Paul Orton unless otherwise indicated   Year of action   With children either into or about to enter their teens and a creeping sense of urgency to get things done that required some measure of youth to enjoy, it was time to fix the car or get rid of it. Get rid of it!  How could I get rid of something that had quietly been accumulating the gravity of age and long-term ownership? Plus it was not just any old banger, it was a roadster, a sports car, something that did not exist for utilitarian reasons but for the sheer thrill of driving.  This world of excitement was so close - a matter of throwing a few nuts and bolts together! So, in April 1997 having decided that the body and running gear needed someone with the right skills and equipment (I still did not have proper garage accommodation to carry out the work) I enlisted the help of Bob Rowntree, a Sydney specialist in Sprite/Midget repairs.  As an aid to originality, I found `Original Sprite and Midget' by Terry Horler, the Brooklands Books collection of road tests, `Gold Portfolio 1961 - 1979' and the `Practical Classics' guide to Sprite and Midget restoration to be of invaluable help. The objective would be to restore the Midget to as-new condition but not to absolute concours standard because the car would be driven regularly in the manner it was meant to be. I had already decided that enhanced performance would improve the car's appeal without destroying its character - as long as the modifications did not change its external appearance and were appropriate to its period. Stripdown