© Text and images on this website are copyright Paul Orton unless otherwise indicated   Running gear   Meanwhile, running gear was being overhauled with the rear axle and differential getting a set of new bearings and seals throughout and reconditioned splined hubs.  Similarly, the front splines were "remanufactured" while the wishbones were refurbished and new kingpins, wheel bearings and neoprene bushes were fitted. In the 'stopping' department, new brake discs, reconditioned calipers and brake drums and new wheel cylinders all found their way onto the car. So, too, was the MG Midget’s 'go' department getting some attention. The motor and gearbox that I had assembled 19 years ago were dismantled and re- assembled by by Bob Rowntree and a few items put right! The only component not touched was the propeller shaft to which I had fitted new universal joints and carefully painted with black engine enamel back in 1978. New brake rotor Original coil - polished Original engine bay starter Re-manufactured splines