© Text and images on this website are copyright Paul Orton unless otherwise indicated   Location - Collaroy and Narrabeen, Sydney Australia   These photos of the MG Midget were taken in the late afternoon one day during January 2002.  This is mid-summer in Sydney but because of the extensive bush fires over several weeks to the west and south, the sun was cloaked in smoke creating a soft, orange light.   At Jamieson Park next to Narrabeen Lagoon, the entrance to which is at Narrabeen Beach. The badge says 'P&Rs' and was attached by the original selling dealer, P&R Williams, a major British Motor Corporation (BMC) dealer in Sydney. According to the accompanying engine bay plate this was the 113th Midget sold by them. Photographer in the bumper At Long Reef At Long Reef At Long Reef At Long Reef At the Basin, Collaroy At Jamieson Park