© Text and images on this website are copyright Paul Orton unless otherwise indicated   ABP 102 Origins   This is an account of the on-again off-again restoration of a 1968 Mklll MG Midget. It is also inevitably the story of its owner's rite of passage into middle age. But let us start with the machinery. The vehicle in question is an Australian-assembled CKD (completely knocked down - follow this link for an explanation) Mark lll that was manufactured, according to the British Motor Heritage Trust Certificate, on 20 December 1967 and dispatched from the UK factory on 5 January 1968. How coincidental that 20 December became our wedding day and even more amazing that my wife is still putting up with a Midget maniac! On the road 1975 - 1978 In 1975 the vehicle came into my hands via the Sydney Morning Herald classifieds but unfortunately without log books or owner's manual. The plan was to replace a Mark 2A Sprite that had succumbed to rust and a sick engine with a healthier specimen of the same sports car we all know and love. The Sprite had been my introduction to sports car motoring - those sensations of hearing, smell, and touch that in motoring can only come from driving a responsive, open car.  It seemed sensible and within budget to stick with a design I knew and, in any event, the Sprite's solidity, absence of both scuttle-shake and a swing axle rear end made it preferable to a Spitfire. The Midget took me on a number of holiday trips around New South Wales, oh, and a honeymoon to far north NSW! P&R Williams sold the car new - P&Rs badge survives